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Erasmus Orientation Days - once again

On February 12-14 (Wednesday – Friday), Erasmus Orientation Days were once again held to welcome Erasmus students at our University, present them the principles of studying at the University School of Physical Education, culture and heritage of Wrocław, and integrate newly arrived students. In the summer semester of the 2019/2020 academic year, 14 new people came to us; they joined 5 students staying at the University of Physical Education for the whole year. For the first time, there are also students from countries outside the EU. Currently, the Erasmus group represents countries such as Nepal, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Portugal, Romania, France, Croatia and Hungary.

The first day of Orientation Days is always full of emotions, students mostly see each other for the first time, try to get to know the closest environment and understand its functioning. The first meeting of new students took place in the Multifunctional Hall, in our new Erasmus Spot office. After the greetings and official registration, it was time to present the University and study rules under the Erasmus program. Then the students went to the Spartakus Student House, where a Spartakus employee, Mrs Magdalena Rutkowska showed the students the most important rooms: laundry, study room, television room, student club, kitchens, and presented the rules in Spartacus so that they were clear to everyone.

The second day of Orientation Days is devoted to organizational matters: presentation of class schedules and a walk around all AWF buildings, so that the students know where they have classes and are able to move efficiently between individual buildings. Students saw the library (and our Erasmus Meeting Point), buildings P1-P5, Multifunctional Hall, Swimming Pool building, medical clinic, Rector's office and buildings at 25 and 25a Witelona Street.

 On the third day, February 14, there was a 6-hour integration event "Erasmus in good condition", organized once again by the always reliable public relations agency Preludium. After the meeting in front of the student house Spartakus, the students went on a wonderful journey by historic tram, aimed at introducing them to the city and integrating the group. There were a lot of positive emotions, outdoor movement, cooperation and competition. Thanks to a great guide the participants of the event could learn about the culture, history and modern day of Wroclaw, they got to know the area around Grunwald Square, Centennial Hall, Market Square and the Old Town. They also took part in a city game, a dinner and beer tasting (aimed at drawing attention to responsible alcohol consumption). Finally, Erasmus students received gift packages containing items useful in organizing student life at the University of Physical Education, such as backpacks, calendars, notebooks, maps, souvenirs from Wrocław, coupons and vouchers from various companies or white and red face crayons.

We hope that the Orienation Days were a positive experience for our new students and made it easier for them to start the adventure called Erasmus at the University School of Physical Education in Wroclaw.