Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences
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  • Courses for Erasmus Incoming Students
  • Language English
  • Acadmic year: 2021/2022
  • Level: undergraduate and postgraduate


Course title  ECTS
Methodology of public speaking 1
Physical medicine – physical therapy, balneoclimatology and wellness 3
Bioethics  1 
Adapted physical education 2
Biological regeneration 2
Acquisition and diagnostic of motor skills 1
Fundamentals of coaching  5 
Sport psychology 5
English for tourism and recreation 3
Relaxation techniques 3
Rock climbing 2
Swimming for health 2
Volleyball theory and methodology 2
Table tennis 2
Games and exercises with EDUballs/BRAINballs 2
Winter forms of recreation and tourism (winter camp) * 3


Course title ECTS
Geography of tourism of European Union 2
Health education in primary school 2
Manual therapy 2
Field games and plays 3
Basics of marketing  3
Fundamentals of sport’s training theory 4
Basic of recreation 4
Diet and physical activity 1
Field and laboratory methods of physical fitness assessment 2
History and art of Lower Silesia 2
Meditation training 1
Practical anatomy 3
Karate 2
Inland sailing – yacht maneuvering (summer camp)* 2
First aid 2
Methodology of football 2
Team sports games from various cultures 3
Theory and methodology of swimming 1

* - this course is paid (accommodation, transport, skiing/snowboarding passes, ect.)

Courses for Erasmus Incoming Students - Winter details
Courses for Erasmus Incoming Students - Summer details

PLEASE NOTE: at this point we are not able to state for sure in what form the classes will be held in the 2021/2022: regular classes, online classes or blended learning. We will inform you the moment a decision has been made by the University authorities.