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Date 04 - 06 Visit of Paul Shirilla, Ph.D., from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, USA

Visit of Paul Shirilla, Ph.D., from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, USA

On May 20-24, 2019, Paul Shirilla, Ph.D.,  Associate Professor from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in the USA visited the University School of Physical Education in Wrocław from the Erasmus+ program. Paul Shirilla is the Head of Health and Human Performance Department, coordinator of the "Outdoor Adventure" educational program and spends a large part of his teaching time with students in the open air, outside the traditional classroom (such as  outdoor camping and kayaking). His research interests are programming activities based on adventure and the development of social skills.

During his visit, Paul Shirilla gave a very interesting lecture on 22 May entitled "Outdoor activities for seniors". It coincided with a lecture by another American guest visiting the University School of Physical Education at that time, prof. Jean Neils-Strunjas, who gave a lecture on "Development and implementation of BINGOCIZE - an evidence-based interprofessional program". Both lectures presented a contemporary look at the activity of seniors from the perspective of American research and its positive effects, and the discussion that followed them with the participation of students and employees of AWF Wrocław, was a proof of the relevance of the discussed topics.

Paul Shirilla met with the Rector, dr hab. Andrzej Rokita, during the visit to AWF Wrocław, to summarize the current cooperation of both universities, plan his visit as an academic teacher in 2020/2021 and discuss the coming visit of Jodee Schaben Ph.D., his co-worker.

It was already the third visit of Paul Shirilla to AWF Wrocław, which was a proof of mutual interest of our universities in constant cooperation and exchange of staff, and in the future also students. Dr. Shirilla's previous visits took place in 2015 and 2016 (with students), when an agreement on scientific and didactic cooperation with the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and a bilateral agreement under the Erasmus + program were signed.

Dr. Shirilla has already announced a visit to AWF Wroclaw the next academic year (together with a colleague Dr. Jodee Shaben and several UWRF students), and in the summer semester of the academic year 2020/2021 he will come to AWF Wrocław as a visiting scholar with his own educational program.