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Date 18 - 12 Erasmus Open Day

Erasmus Open Day

The aim? Erasmus 2019

For the third time, the organizers of the Erasmus Open Day invited the students of the University School of Physical Education to embark on their own Erasmus adventure. On the fifth of December, the spotlight was on the Erasmus Spot in the P4 hall - the place was filled with colorful balloons, info-stands promoting various Erasmus destinations and the good energy of organizers. All of that was aiming at encouraging AWF students to participate in the Erasmus Programme.

The Open Day is ... open

This year’s Open Day was started by His Magnificence the Rector, prof. dr hab. Andrzej Rokita, with the ceremonial spin of the Wheel of Fortune! In return for answering questions related to the student exchange, the Wheel of Fortune offered great rewards: from numerous gadgets, Czech sweets, up to discounts for language courses. Professor Andrzej Rokita answered his question in a sporty, victorious manner, and as a reward was given the official T-shirt of this year’s event – Erasmus Open Day 2018. Vice-rector for Science and International Relations, prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Słowińska-Lisowska as the university coordinator of the Erasmus+ Programme reassured the students that all the knowledge and know-how regarding the Erasmus+ Programme is available for them every day. The opening was also accompanied by a musical performance of the students of the University School of Physical Education. Sabina Iskra together with Wojtek Chyra sang two songs that emphasized the international nature of the event.

Czechia, the dream destination of the exchange?

This year, the organizers together with the invited guests went for a city stroll entitled “Czech traces in Wroclaw”. Special guests of the event were the representatives of our partner universities: Halina Kotikova from the Palacký University Olomouc, Andrea Kakulidu from the Masaryk University in Brno and Karina Dráberová from the University of Ostrava. The event was also visited by Magdalena Zjawin from the Ano Tak foundation, whose goals are to bring Poles, Czechs, and Slovaks closer through education and cultural activity, especially in the field of inspiring, promoting and supporting social, ecological, educational and intercultural activities in Poland and bringing closer the nations and states of Central and West Europe. During the event, she gave a speech about events that bring together Czechs and Poles in Wroclaw. Thanks to the Czech Tourism Authority in Warsaw, the students could also get the catalogues and leaflets promoting Czechia.

Erasmus Veterans and a lot of surprises

The hosts of partnering countries’ info stands were experienced Erasmus students (the Veterans), who were accompanied by the representatives of the International Structures of the Erasmus + Programme: Nilson Veiga from the University Institute of Maia, Nunu Japaridze and Nana Kushubadze from Batumi State University. Thanks to such a large representation from our partners abroad (Czech Republic, Portugal and Georgia), the AWF students taking part in the event could get some first-hand information. The most interesting attraction turned out to be a piñata filled with vouchers from the Language School Ling Partner, the school of the Spanish language “Casa de Espana” and the company BMK. A tasty refreshment in the form of delicious coffee and homemade lemonade was provided by Bank Credit Agricole. The consultants of the Wroclaw’s establishment of the bank were providing the students not only with coffee but also with the knowledge regarding the foreign currency accounts, that are necessary in case of international student exchange. Naturally, the favorite part of the programme “Fanta, cola, sprite” game could not be omitted, as well as some other smaller competitions with prizes. In the main contest, the students could win two cabin cases with personalized overprint “Find Your dream Erasmus destination”. Two charming female students who answered best according to the contest committee, provided an insight into barriers for young people considering taking part in the exchange and ideas how to overcome them. Congratulations to the winners and we await news of your upcoming Erasmus voyages!