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Date 07 - 11 EDUballs/BRAINballs in Taiwan

EDUballs/BRAINballs in Taiwan

Our academic teachers of Team Sports Games Department (EDUball team) led by Prof. Dr. Andrzej Rokita, visited Taiwan from October 27 to November 2, 2018. The visit was the result of signing the Letter of Intent by Rector, Prof. Dr. Andrzej Rokita, and President of National Taiwan Sport University, Dr. Kao Chin-Hsung in 2017, during a visit to the Summer Universiade, concerning cooperation between the University School of Physical Education in Wrocław and the National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU).

At the invitation of the current President of NTSU, Prof. Dr. Ping-Kun, Prof. Dr. Andrzej Rokita and Dr. Ireneusz Cichy as visiting professor and Dr. Sara Wawrzyniak as part of the Erasmus + Program, went to Taipei to exchange the scientific experiences and conduct the lectures and workshops for students, academic teachers and children about using EDUballs/BRAINballs in elementary schools. The program was prepared in cooperation with Prof. Ju Yan-Ying, who visited our University in April, together with Prof. Yu-Kai Chang and Prof. Wen-Tzu Tang.

On the first day, Prof. Rokita’s team gave a lecture presenting the results of EDUball research in preschool and elementary schools for physical education students. Then, the first of the practical workshops was held for nearly 100 students from NTSU. The students enjoyed the workshop which aroused a great interest. During the discussion they shared their impression with great commitment and asked questions about the practical solutions for the implementation of EDUball classes at schools.The next morning session students worked in groups to prepare their games and exercises with EDUballs. After that, our teachers did the practical demonstration in the Wen Shing Elementary School near NTSU. The NTSU students had the opportunity to observe children’s reaction to their first physical education lesson with EDUballs. Then, they also presented their own games and exercises with EDUballs with kids in practice. The children, students and teachers enjoyed the workshop with EDUballs conducted in English, which was also was new experience for them.

The last day of the training, students presented in practice their own proposals for the use of EDUballs in physical activities. It was a great experience. The students fulfilled their duties efficiently and wonderfully. Their understanding of the idea of EDUball, the creation of solutions and involvement in the implementation of games and exercises has led us to unequivocally state that the students of National Taiwan Sport University will conduct physical education with EDUballs well in Taiwanese schools.

During the stay, our teachers had also a meeting at the Polish Office in Taipei with the General Director Dr. Maciej Gaca. Mr. Director expressed great appreciation for such dynamically implemented activities related to the use of EDUballs in Asian countries, but also referred to the license agreement signed in July with Palos Sport in the USA.

During the last day in Taipei, the EDUball team had a meeting at the Ministry of Education of Taiwan with the Ministry of Education Sports Administration, Director Kao Chin-Hsung, who earlier was the President of NTSU. The meeting was successful and ended with the declaration of organizing international conference and training on the use of EDUballs / BRAINballs for teachers and researchers from 10 countries of Southeast Asia, including Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia by our Taiwanese partners in the spring of 2019.

A visit to Taiwan strengthened the dynamic and real cooperation between both universities in the field of education and science and creates great opportunities for cooperation for all employees of our University in conducting and publishing research. There has also been established cooperation in projects involving comparative population studies among schoolchildren.

We would like to thank Mr. President of NTSU Prof. Dr. Ping-Kun CHIU, Mr. Director Kao Chin-Hsung and Prof. Ju Yan-Ying, for the invitation and implementing such an intense and valuable scientific and training journey.

EDUball/BRAINball Team

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